Proud mum moment

So, a few weeks ago my eldest announced she had to give a speech about the history of her school. Right, I said, where are the instructions from your teacher? She told me here weren’t any. I disputed her assertion heatedly. Everyone knows nine-year-olds can’t be trusted to remember ANYTHING. There had to be instructions. […]

Getting the snip

OK, so yesterday was pretty traumatic. I got the bunny neutered. The bunny almost had a nervous breakdown the moment the vet touched him during the preliminary examination. I was partially eviscerated while trying to prevent the bunny plunging to almost certain death from the examination table. (Well, that’s a slight exaggeration, but my stomach […]

So much for sowing wild oats

When I organized an assignation for my horny hare with two hot bunnies up the road I thought we’d be in (and out) like Flynn. Five minutes tops and job done. I mean I’d always taken the “at it like rabbits” phrase to mean bunnies were up for it – and doing it – at […]

OK, Sunday got a bit mad

And I didn’t get time to type anything creative. I was too busy visiting jail (nothing to report other than some fascinating laxative-abuse-by-prisoners stories – and the ugly consequences – but first-thing Monday probably isn’t the best time for them …) then heading home to scoff lamb shanks and sav blanc and apple and rhubarb […]

My week: apparently I’m “a dick”

So I put myself out there a bit this week on the iVillage Facebook page, and I got caned for it (just a teeny bit). I’m not really bothered. Controversy is good for business. But it does fascinates me to see what gets people agitated. Social media is so judgemental and snarky and mean. When […]

My Southern feast (6 delish recipes)

We celebrated my mum’s 70th birthday last weekend and I decided to create a Southern feast inspired by my recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Eight hours later … it was ready. Homemade lemonade? Check. Buffalo wings? Check. Blue cheese dressing? Check. Cornbread? Check. Meatloaf? Check. Mac n’ cheese? Check. Mashed potatoes? Check. Salad? Check. […]

HouseGoesHollywood: Ange’s shock news, Becks retires, Tori’s dreadful ring

>> The world of celebrity this week totally revolved around Angelina Jolie and the shock news that she had a double mastectomy on April 27, after three months of lead-up procedures. In an exclusive op-ed for the New York Times, titled “My Medical Choice”, Ange revealed she decided to undergo the procedure earlier this year after […]

There’s a monster in my house…

… And it’s eating all the toilet paper. I swear, that has to be what’s happening. Where’s it all going otherwise? OK, OK, I know where it’s going. Lavishly down the S-bend. After being extravagantly swiped across the precious fannies of my offspring. What is it with kids and toilet paper? Why do they need […]