Celebrities celebrate July 4

Yesterday/today depending on your timezone, was a big deal in the United States. And I totally forgot until now. It was Independence Day, also known as the Fourth of July. The holiday commemorates American declaring independence from Great Britain with the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. It’s a huge celebration with fireworks, parades, barbecues and, […]

HouseGoesHollywood: sex scandals for Cameron, Gwyneth and Miranda

Ooo-er, it’s not often you get three Hollywood sex scandals in one week! Read on … >> OK, OK, the first one is fictitious … Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal are starring in a movie called Sex Tape, about a couple who accidentally sends their steamy home movie to all their friends via their iCloud. […]

The weekend’s best celeb snaps: Gwen Stefani’s baby shower, Teresa Palmer weds again

Too many great pics this weekend, had to spread the joy … >> Gwen Stefani shared this pic on Instagram before her baby shower, captioned: “baby shower!!! #can’t believe im pregs thanku Shelli Azoff for a beautiful #girlyday =blessed” Gwen’s held the shower at the Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon. Her famous guests included Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, Rachel […]

HouseGoesHollywood: Miranda’s response to the James Packer rumour is …

Between that nasty Nigella business and the whole Miranda Kerr/James Packer dating revelation I’m a bit shell shocked today. Miranda reunites with Orlando Amid reports that Miranda Kerr is dating James Packer (JAMES PACKER!!!) the supermodel has flown to New York to visit her ex Orlando Bloom (hmmmm … damage control?). Staying mum about the […]

HouseGoesHollywood: Miranda’s a diva, Russell’s rude, Kellan’s hot

It’s diva day – read what Miranda and Russell have done to earn the tag … meanwhile Molly’s a real-life jazz one. Miranda dogged by diva rumours People magazine is reporting that there’s speculation Victoria’s Secret won’t renew Miranda Kerr’s $1 million contract. Sources behind the scenes have told People she’ll no longer be an […]

21 celebrity Christmas snaps

OK, it’s a little belated, but I couldn’t resist sharing some celebrity Twitter pics from the festive season. I’m thinking the New Year’s Eve snaps won’t be quite so wholesome, especially for Ms Rihanna here … Rihanna tweeted: “Santa baby! Hurry down the chimney tonight! Is it too late to be nice?”   Tori Spelling wrote: “Merry Christmas & […]