Prison blues

Visiting jail is such a weird experience. It's the most normal abnormal thing EVER. Everyone is so polite and friendly and smiling ... in the most horrible place in the world. It really messes with your head. As I walked out into the sunshine after visiting Kathleen Folbigg yesterday afternoon I felt drained and sad.... Continue Reading →

My week: A bedazzled potty, bogan blow-ups and putting my foot in it (yet again)

I started the week on my soapbox, all agitated because a woman called Renee wrote a letter to Fairfax condemning pleas for more after-school care: “Funny that it is the north shore than has the biggest problems. I expect that is because both parents are working to afford the huge mortgage, or because they both... Continue Reading →

Murder, medicine and motherhood

I went to school with Kathleen Folbigg. Well, she was Kathy Marlborough back then. We weren't close, but we moved in the same circles. She's probably the most famous person to attend my high school. Well, she's definitely the most infamous. That's because she's serving 30 years behind bars for murdering her four children. Her first baby, Caleb, lived 19... Continue Reading →

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