HouseGoesHollywood: Patrick Swayze’s widow gets engaged, Doctor Who weeps

Happy news for Patrick Swayze’s widow, behind the scenes tears for Matt Smith, plus Kanye West’s outrageous Chrissie gifts to Kim, North and the world … Patrick Swayze’s widow is engaged Lisa Niemi, who lost  husband Patrick Swayze to pancreatic cancer in September 2009, has found love again. Her rep revealed that she is engaged […]

The week in gossip: these orgasm faces can never be unseen

Things got a little raunchy out there in gossip land this week. From eight actors revealing their orgasm faces to Mariah Carey sending her hubby a way too TMI selfie, here are my favourite moments. >> Ever wondered what Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Christian Slater and Shia LaBeouf’s orgasm faces look like? Mystery solved with […]