Meeting Porcelain Alice

A restaurant in Kings Cross called Casa Merida officially launched a pop-up called Hacienda Patrón last night, a month-long celebration of tequila tastings, Mayan cuisine and Mexican entertainment. And guess who was there to guzzle the free margaritas ... Meeeeeeeeee! The restaurant draws its inspiration from the Mexican city of Mérida, famed for its palatial... Continue Reading →

Get me out of here

My Facebook feed became pretty low-key when COVID-19 lockdowns clipped everyone's wings, but it's currently chockers with people going on the most amazing holidays. London, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Amsterdam, Madrid ... Helicopter flights over Ningaloo, African safaris, over-water bungalows in Tahiti. I am not kidding, my Facebook friends are seriously going all out. And I'm... Continue Reading →

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