HouseGoesHollywood: shooting reported at Kardashian mansion, Justin Bieber moons, could Mel Gibson be Jodie’s baby daddy?

Sure, celebrities base their whole careers on "faking it" for the cameras, but this Hollywood trend is taking pretence to a whole new, scary level ... Terrifying pranking trend - celebrity "swatting" A dangerous prank called "swatting" is sweeping Los Angeles. It involves a caller trying to trick emergency responders into dispatching law enforcement (like... Continue Reading →

11 bizarre barbecues (and 1 pathetic one)

It's prime barbecue season in the Land of Oz and what better way to celebrate our love of the grill than with this crazy collection of barbies, many of which are Aussie originals (of course!). This $164,000 gold-plated barbecue-grill was made by BeefEater Barbecues for the 2008 Sydney Home Show, for an estimated $60,000. Fancy! Doesn't this warm... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Hell (in a train station)

How farking hot was it yesterday? Did you hide inside with air-con or swelter outdoors? I spent several hours under the corrugated iron roof of Central Station with the mentally ill, the homeless, the elderly travellers, the denim-shorted-with-their-butt-cheeks-dangling Big Day Out attendees and a few dozen anxious parents wondering where the bloody hell their children -... Continue Reading →

Fat clothes

There's this clever little trick my subconcious plays when I pork up. It doesn't announce none of your clothes fit you Alana, you're getting fat ... no, it simply decides everything in my wardrobe is terribly unfashionable. Short skirts are so last year, no-one wears fitted tops any more and it's way too hot for... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: Nicole respects Scientology, Sofia gives birth, Jeremy disses Downton

  Nicole respects Scientology   Nicole Kidman looks sooooo gorgeous on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter. In the interview she reveals that unlike most stars who expect freebies all the way, she insists on paying for her clothes: "Never would I take free clothes.That would be so ... tacky. These people work so hard to make... Continue Reading →

Fancy a shag?

My bunny wants to have sex with me. More accurately, he wants to have sex with my feet. He wants to screw my husband's feet even harder. They must smell more desirable. It's quite exhausting, having this black, furry thing constantly twirling around your legs, nipping you seductively. We both spend a lot of time... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: Jessica Simpson’s one-night stand, Geri strips, new bub for Elton

        There's not much in the way of outrageous gossip today, but the stuff celebs have been tweeting is AWESOME  ... Jessica's pregnancy woes     Jessica Simpson has admitted on the  Tonight Show with Jay Leno that she gained “a lot more” than her doctors recommended with her first pregnancy. And it's something she's... Continue Reading →

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