Project gross

Sprog 1 spent Sunday afternoon doing her homework: a presentation on a significant Australian. Other children in the class have chosen sporting heroes, authors and politicians. Sprog 1 has chosen an artist called Patricia Piccinini. When Sprog 1 announced  who she was doing, Husband blanched and suggested Mem Fox instead. Sprog 1 sneered. She would not be swayed. Patricia is pretty […]

Keeping it surreal

I popped into a patisserie this morning for a bag of choccie croissants. The young gentleman behind the counter was sporting a rather startling Salvador Dali moustache. When I told Husband he said: “Maybe he’s making a statement.” The only thing I saw him making was the corners of people’s mouths twitch when he served them. And I couldn’t help thinking, […]

Who were you in your twenties?

I wasn’t quite sure. I fancied being the magazine equivalent of Molly Meldrum, interviewing celebrities for a living. So I got a job on a marginal fashion title and moved to Sydney. Not long after, the ’80s recession hit and I was retrenched. It was the week before Christmas, very festive. (Not familiar with the ’80s recession? Google it. Nasty business. Interest rates shot to around 17%. Thousands of people […]

That’s the way you do it

So there’s a knock on my front door this morning and I find a man and his son on my doormat. It’s a very big doormat. They didn’t have fundraising chocolate boxes or bibles, so I was a bit perturbed. He introduced himself as my neighbour from a few doors away and explained he was having his 40th birthday tonight. He apologised and handed me a note […]

Moroccan meatball tagine

Fellow blogger gave me a clever idea for repurposing chevap skinless sausages: roll them into meatballs! Genius idea, Andrea! So last night I turned some into Moroccan Meatball Tagine. Yum! The Sprogs loved it, Husband loved it, I loved it. Very easy too. (But not preservative-free, Megz, you might need to make your own meatballs from scratch.) […]


My sister and I met last night to discuss The Cruise (only 14 days and counting ’til departure). We ran through all the important stuff like which alcohol package to choose, what wineries to visit and whether to swim with stingrays. My mother rang in a tizz, worried the stingray swim was already booked out. There’s a “see your […]

Baked pesto salmon and fries

So there I was last night, standing in the middle of the road, taking photos of a plate of salmon and chips with my mobile phone (note the dotted lines in the background of the photo) … Fortunately no-one saw me, committed me or ran me over. I was forced onto the road because it was the only patch […]