Fortifying myself

My new job involves the occasional bottle of booze landing on my desk to take for a spin. Poor me. The latest treat was McWilliam's Wines Spice Royale. As I noted on drinks central earlier this week, McWilliam’s Wines has released a new range of flavoured fortifieds: Strawberry Delight, Spice Royale and Espresso Press. Russell Cody, McWilliam’s... Continue Reading →

Cracking out my slow cooker … 5 new recipes

Wow it's been a shocker weather-wise. Both my parents and DD were left without power. Mum would only talk to me for the briefest moment because her phone was running out of charge, but luckily I got DD a Sprout charger brick thingy for Christmas - since we are such mad texting fiends - so... Continue Reading →

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