Late-night read: Paranoid Portia

I've been searching for my old Cosmo feature stories, when I was a dyke on a bike and a judge at Miss Nude Australia, so I can post something that's not about kitchens and meat pies. I don't want all my new, hip, young Twitter followers - courtesy of @MiaFreedman - thinking I'm terribly suburban and dull. So I ratted around in the attic yesterday, but... Continue Reading →

I almost kissed a girl

My blogging heroine, Mrs Woog, wrote a post yesterday about meeting Johnny Young and going ga-ga (see She followed it up with a tweet asking people to reveal their celebrity snogs. This gave me pause. I racked my brain. I thought surely I've snagged one, even if it's a D-lister? But no-one sprang to... Continue Reading →

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