HouseGoesHollywood: swimsuit selfies from Elle, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay

What would a week in celebrity land be without a slew of bikini selfies from the stars? >> Elle Macpherson posed on a yacht on the Italian Riveria, in a grey, black and yellow bikini. She held a glass of Super Elixir - her wellness drink that's sold out twice in the UK since launching... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: Courtney Cox engaged!

Celebs never fail to serve up the scandals, week in, week out. This time around it's a DUI, a supermodel booty call, and a slew of TMI selfies. What is it with celebs oversharing on social media? They're usually whingeing about wanting more privacy ... Ah well, enjoy! Or tsk ... whatever your poison ...... Continue Reading →

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