Ewwww, gross!

Sprog 1 stayed home sick yesterday. We passed the time unconventionally. First, we watched the Orlando DVD I’d bought Husband for Fathers Day. Not technically a kiddie flick (understatement), but Sprog 1 appeared quite engrossed and refused all offers to turn it off. Then we glued together her Daily Telegraph T-rex model (quite difficult, I may revise my plan to buy […]

OMG there was a GFC!

I just found out about the Global Financial Crisis. And I kind of wish I didn’t know. I’m all freaked out now. It was really, really bad. The entire world economy could have collapsed. And then what would have happened? Husband brought home a movie called Too Big To Fail – which chronicles the US treasury’s fight to […]

Ladies who (make) lunch

In my new role as Stepford Wifey, I’ve been packing lunch for Husband. While housekeeping and gardening services remain essentials in our new constrained budget, a lunchbag for Husband seems an unnecessary extravagance. So I’ve been making him take an old jungle-decorated one belonging to Sprog 2. Husband is worried the jungle lunchbag is lowering him in the estimations of the pretty […]