5 dinners my kids love

Dinner is so Groundhog Day when you have kids. Sometimes it seems like all I ever do – when I’m not working – is go to the supermarket, stagger home with the shopping and cook (with a little recreational blogging after I stack the dishwasher). Sprog 2 grouched the other day that I’m “always in […]

11 easy risotto recipes

I love, love, love risotto. The kids not so much. So, when I found myself all alone on Father’s Day, I decided to cook a smoked salmon and leek risotto for lunch to cheer myself up. Nom. Nom! Here’s the recipe, plus 10 more I’ve made over the years. Recipe: Smoked salmon, champagne & leek […]

Cheesy salmon casserole

Husband and I ate this dish all the time before the Sprogs. It reminds him of his childhood – lots of tinned fishy casseroles. No tinned fishy casseroles in my childhood – we were strictly a chops and veg family. I’ve been avoiding serving it to the Sprogs, as I could hear the complaints from […]

Sambal prawn noodles

I’ve been experimenting with the 20 calorie noodles again. Aside from waking ravenous at 4am, I’m a total convert. If I could just stop eating potato wedges at parties, they might even lead to weight loss. Recipe: Sambal prawn noodles 1 tablespoon peanut or rice bran oil 400g green garlic prawns (got mine in a […]

Cheesy meatball heaven

This recipe is dead easy and soooooo delicious. Just toss all the meatball ingredients together, roll them into balls, chuck ’em in a baking dish and pour two jars of passata over. Guaranteed kid heaven. For my gluten-free readers, try crumbing gluten-free bread, or I reckon they’d go fine skipping the bread all together. Let […]