Too much information

If Husband and I get a divorce, chances are it's because of the blog. I don't talk enough to him, but reveal too much electronically. Ironic really. So I've decided to give Husband a break from the blabbing today. Which also gives me a break from writing 400-600 words. This comes as a great relief, as I didn't get home from my mad chook... Continue Reading →

Property porn

In addition to Diet Coke, white wine, curry, David Tennant and gossip, I have another addiction - property. I've noticed this addiction waxes and wanes depending on my mental state. When I am calm, collected and relatively happy I can go for months without even thinking about property. When I'm an addled mess, I can spend hours every day... Continue Reading →

Gay abandon

My sister informs me she's going to bingay next week. Bingay is bingo "run by a hilarious and slightly loud drag queen". My sister is not gay (she will be pleased for me to publicly clarify) but is attending bingay as a team-building exercise for work. The thought of bingay kept me awake for hours last night, reminiscing... Continue Reading →

I’m making me dizzy

School holidays are not relaxing. I know they have the word "holiday" in them, but it's a total furphy. A holiday is when you laze around doing nothing. I won't be lazing until January 30, when Mummy's School Holiday begins. I'm parking myself on the couch from 9.15am with the latest boxed set of True Blood, my iPad and a bowl of... Continue Reading →

Little Miss Perfect

Do you wish you were more diligent about the little things in life? The stuff that always slip through the cracks. Or are you the type who deodorises their recycling bin (like the over-achievers' bins I explored on my frantic search for the missing mail)? There's an on-top-of-everything person I dream about being. A thinner, tidier, kinder, prettier version of myself. Let me describe my Little Miss Perfect to... Continue Reading →

I have a terrible confession to make

Friends have a five-year-old son with waaaaay too much energy. He makes Sprog 2 look listless. I had dinner at their place the other night and chuckled at their utensils drawer: tongs, mixing spoons, knives ... and a wide selection of handballs. Because you never want to find yourself handball-less with that little tornado. His need to be in constant motion... Continue Reading →

If the shoe fits

I was going to whine self-indulgently about my fat again, but it didn't rate terribly well yesterday (what's wrong with you people?) so I've made a commercial decision to save the angst for later. Next best thing? Ranting about the Sprogs. Alrighty then ... shoes and Sprog 2 ... don't get me started. Actually, do get me started, or else I won't have anything to blog... Continue Reading →

Fatty acid

Kate Moss' motto: "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". My motto: "Everything tastes as good as skinny feels." I feel a little sorry for Kate, poor pet. She obviously hasn't tried peking duck or char kway teow or Cafe Sopra's polenta with mushroom and gorgonzola sauce. But mostly I resent her self-discipline. Because I remember what being skinny (well, kind of... Continue Reading →

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