Sitting on the dock of the bay

My Hemmes-centric trip to Narooma struck gold on Saturday when we had lunch at The Quarterdeck.

It’s the first commercial purchase the billionaire made in Narooma – an old boat shed that has been converted into a tiki bar and restaurant. The view is sublime, with a 270 degree panorama of the lake and the rolling green hills surrounding it.

I was awestruck, but too shy to take many photos because it embarrassed the youngest. Also, pictures don’t really do the vista justice (I returned the next morning before the youngest woke up to try and capture the beauty and failed).

As for our lunch. we ordered spicy fried chicken wings with chipotle sauce, snapper ceviche, fish tacos, pork belly tacos and a boozy passionfruit slushie for me.

The youngest wouldn’t let me take any photos of her on the holiday, so here’s a secret one I snapped.

Embarrassingly we were all done in 45 minutes with our meal, so I felt obliged to order dessert to stretch the experience out – beignets with dulce de leche. I’d have preferred a pina colada, but I was driving.

After lunch we went for a splash in the wild waves at Narooma Beach – and an exploration of the rocks on the headland – before retiring to our motel to gaze lazily at the fabulous view.

I could literally watch the horizon for hours without turning the page of a book or scrolling through Facebook. After months of frantic work my body and brain just want to unwind.

In the late afternoon we went to the other non-Hemmes pub in town for a drink and dinner with a view of stingrays and seals eating off cuts from the fishing boats at the wharf.

Then we wandered across the road to watch a movie at the dinky local Kinema. Unfortunately it was The Lost City. I have no idea how Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt teamed up to make a comedy and didn’t notice that the script wasn’t funny. But it wasn’t a terrible way to spend a few hours.

And before we knew it our last night in Narooma was over.

The little town gets two thumbs up from me, I loved it and would return in a heartbeat. The youngest would have preferred something with a bit more energy, like Byron Bay, but swears she had a good time.

Oh, but that’s not the end of the Narooma spam … there’s still the tale of the graveyard to go. Then its back to normal transmission next week.

Song of the day: Otis Redding “Sitting on the dock of the bay”

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