I really should be mopping

It’s a bit naughty that I sit and blog when I should be doing housework … the floor desperately needs a mop, but I’m soooooo easily distracted.

I also HATE housework. DD reckons he quite likes it. That’s just WEIRD.

If I had the dosh I’d get a cleaner. And a gardener. No question. There are waaaaay more fun ways to spend my time.

I used to love, love, love having a cleaner. Not only did they scrub the bathroom, but their impending arrival meant I had to tidy up the house every fortnight. I am very bad at tidying the house, so it was good to have it regularly forced upon me.

My parents have the most terrifyingly tidy house. My sister’s place is pretty slick too. I’m the grotty black sheep of the family. When Mum and Dad needed help getting out of their old house and into their new apartment they knew which sister to call … not me …

In the early years of our relationship, my ex called the gap between my side of the bed and the wall “Cholera Gulch” because there was so much crap piled up there. I’m not that bad these days, the mess is corralled into big bags dotted around the house. There’s one behind my bedroom door and another under my work desk. I really need to sort them out, but there never seems to be any time.

I am very, very time poor.

I hardly ever just sit on the couch doing nothing, which is why going to Hyams Beach over the weekend was quite the luxury. We just lazed around and talked and played music and went swimming and ate at the cafe and drank champagne. If it hadn’t been for the four-hour drive there and the four-hour drive back because of the freaking traffic it would have been so relaxing.

I feel like I’m limping wearily towards Christmas and a proper break. I’ve been a bit peaky again over the last day or so, I think because I’m run down. The whole working five days a week and keeping the house running and being a single mum thing is a bit exhausting.

I’m taking 10 days off work over Chrissie and New Year and I’m going to have a proper rest that doesn’t involve dashing around and trying to do too much. I’m not very good at not dashing around and not doing too much, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

In the meantime, I’m going to dash around A LOT getting ready for Christmas. My friend Mel – who I had a lovely walk with last night – said it’s already totally mad at the shops. Shudder.

My mum asked me last night what I wanted for Christmas, and it freaked me out because I have no idea and it feels like another exhausting task trying to think of something, which is not what presents should be!

What do you want for Christmas? Maybe it will give me some inspiration?

OK, better go do that bloody mopping.

Song of the day: Prince “Little Red Corvette”


4 thoughts on “I really should be mopping

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  1. I already know what I’m getting, from my in-laws at least – a limited edition book by an artist I love. Leather bound, signed, with a special print. And my father-in-law suggested it to me so I didn’t have the whole “What do you want?” “I have no idea! Wahhh!” thing. Got to love it.

    1. Oh how I’d love a cleaner again! I’m trying to find the energy to do some scrubbing this weekend, but I find it so easy to get distracted and find other things to pass the time.

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