I can’t do that any more

Is it a sign of old age that my body can no longer tolerate alcohol during daylight hours? I’m like some sort of booze vampire who can only imbibe after the sun goes down.

My boss had a retirement lunch with her staff yesterday at a lovely, old sandstone restaurant called Banjo Patterson Cottage. I figured I might as well drive there because of the whole me-and-alcohol-no-longer-mix-at-lunch thing.

It doesn’t make me puke or slur or stumble or anything … well, not unless I’ve done a complete job on myself, but I rarely make that mistake these days. Just one glass wipes me out so much I need a nanna nap at 5pm.

But, of course, a glass of sparkling wine was handed to me as I walked through the door. And, of course, I drank it. And, of course, I needed a Nanna nap at 5pm.

But that wasn’t possible because I had to pick up takeaway pizza for the kids’ dinner on my way to the city to get my roots done.

I was a bit worried about what awaited me at home, what with the eldest telling me she was getting her head shaved that afternoon. But Bill the Barber had just shaved the sides and left a fairly thick thatch on top. Phew.

She looks pretty good actually. Sort of like Nothing Compares 2U Sinead with a mohawky bit.

And she’s thrilled with it, in her own introverted too-cool-for-school way.

I’m also thrilled with my new roots … though I’ve been wondering what I’d look like au naturale. Probs 10 years older … but with a much healthier bank balance.

Here are some pics from yesterday (mainly food porn). The good ones are by my photographer workmate Lisa. Click here to check out her work.

PS: I’ll need to find a work-around for the can’t-drink-during-the-day thing on Friday when I head to the WCA Sydney Royal Wine Show winners lunch. (Ah, it’s a tough life working for the drinks association.) How can you NOT drink at that? We sponsor the Best Shiraz medal, it would be rude not to have a glass of the winning drop.

Song of the day: Finn Brothers “How will you go?”

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