Exploring the grey areas

Sydney property prices are – as you’ve probably heard ad nauseam – nuts.

I was fortunate to get my foot in the door more than 20 years ago. I bought and sold and bought and sold my way up the property ladder until I owned almost all of the family home.

And then – as you’ve definitely heard ad nauseam – my marriage broke up.

Luckily I got back on the property horse within six months and – although I’m on a busy road – I’m just 15 minutes from the CBD and very comfy in my little bungalow, especially since DD and my brother-in-law got the heating working again.

Meanwhile, my ex paired up with his girlfriend to buy a three-bedroom apartment in a suburb that’s also about 15 minutes from the city, so we’re not hating on each other too much about how the financial settlement cookie crumbled.

DD would love a house in the suburb where he rents, but prices are totally cray. So he’s been talking about becoming a grey nomad one day instead.

I think he’s kidding …

It’s a bit scary to be talking about being a grey nomad when I still feel about 30 on the inside.

I initially turned my nose up at the idea of us trekking around in a caravan, until I discovered it’s become very glamping chic these days.

You can get a very nice Winnebago motorhome for less than $150,000 with mod cons including a club lounge area that converts to a bedroom via an electric bed that lowers from the ceiling, an ensuite with separate shower and toilet, a lounge style dining area, air conditioner, fridge/freezer, microwave, gas cooker and a gas/electric hot water system … I may have done a teeny bit of Googling.

DD only mentioned it in passing but, being an overthinker, I’ve already been putting places on my grey nomad bucket list. Searching for photos of them has reminded me how incredibly lucky we are to live somewhere as gorgeous as Australia.

Here’s my initial top 5:

1. I saw the most awesome story yesterday about swimming with dwarf minke whales on the Great Barrier Reef. (My No.1 non-grey-nomad bucket list item is to see live, colourful coral again before I die – I snorkelled amongst it just off the shores of Hayman Island when I was 23 and I’ll never forget how dazzling it was. Is there any live, colourful coral left in the world?). We could meander up to Cairns to go on a Mike Ball Dive Expedition … except I can’t scuba dive and am slightly terrified by the concept, maybe it should move to No.5?

2. DD had bulk fun at Tangalooma Resort over the school holidays, it’s the third largest sand island in the world and offers wild dolphin feeding, quad bike riding in the hills, snorkelling around wrecks and other delights that I wouldn’t mind trying. We could pop in on our way to Cairns.

3. I’m mad keen to get back to Western Australia and explore the coastline more. It was so beautiful down past Margaret River. There’s also a whale experience off the coast of Albany that sounds fab. And lots of wineries to visit in between. Not to mention dinosaur sea creatures – thrombolites in the dazzling Pink Lake near Esperance.

4. DD’s keen on Tassie. We’d both love to see the Freycinet National Park on the east coast of Tasmania. There’s a peninsula defined by an Island and a granite mountain range known as the Hazards. Trails lead up to a lookout for panoramic views over the amazing Wineglass Bay.

5. DD also wants to head over to Kangaroo Island. It’s filled with native wildlife such as sea lions, koalas and diverse bird species. In the west, Flinders Chase National Park is known for penguin colonies and striking coastal rock formations, such as the sculpted Remarkable Rocks and the stalactite-covered Admirals Arch. I’m up for it as long as we get a twirl past the remaining Apostles on the Great Ocean Road on the way there.

What’s on your Aussie bucket list? 

Song of the day: John Denver “Take me home country roads”


4 thoughts on “Exploring the grey areas

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  1. Yep, that’s my plan, too!
    Buy a portable home down at Safety Beach in the Caravan Park for $150,000 and the Winnebago. Six months travelling in Oz and six months back at home base, repeat! 👍
    Go the long way around the coast on Highway 1 and stop wherever, for however long, you please. 🤗

  2. All those places look excellent, but after having had a look at the mobile homes and melting down with panic just walking inside ’em, I know that idea is not for me. And toilet use noises and smells are things that should not be shared, certainly not in that cosy – read tiny atmosphere. But horses for course huh?

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