That felt SOOOOO good

How was your weekend? Mine was fairly low key … but also fairly awesome.

The highlight: I went swimming in the ocean TWICE. Lucky me!

I can’t believe I love it so much, considering I’m the Piscean who didn’t like water.

Three years ago, I wrote about my antipathy for all things aquatic, in a post called “Not drowning, cheering”. It kicked off with an anecdote about a boyfriend who sent me a bouquet with a card that said: “For a Piscean who doesn’t like water … some flowers to put in it”?

I noted:

I don’t like drinking it and I’m not keen on swimming in it, which is odd for a fish.

About the only time you’ll tempt me into the stuff is if the water temp is around 30 degrees. Or the outside temp is around 35.

My parents spent thousands of dollars on swimming lessons throughout my childhood to no avail. It was considered a triumph when I was finally taught to dog paddle 5 metres.

I developed a stomach ache (of sheer terror) at every school swimming carnival I attended and successfully begged my mum to take me home before my age race.

And not much changed in the 30 years that followed. Until I had to decide whether to sink or swim after my marriage break-up.

I chose to swim.

And, like Dory, I’ve just kept swimming …. well, not swimming exactly, I still can’t keep afloat. But I splash about with abandon and giggle with delight whenever I get smacked in the face with a salty wave.

It was pretty bloody cold in the water on Saturday. It was even bloody colder on Sunday. But I bloody loved it anyway. It’s my Prozac.

(That and sparkling wine with Chambord in it … ooops, did I just say that out loud … Inside head voice, Alana …)

I wish I could be in the sea every day, or at least be close to it. That’s my dream.

Other fab low-key things I loved about my  weekend … savouring a medium-rare steak at the RSL, splitting a beachside burger with a friend, getting a surprise cuddle from both kids on a custody-free weekend, and having a chitterchat with my just-back-from-New-York-but-jetlagged sister.

What did you love most about your weekend?

Song of the day: Karma County “Good things come to me now”

PS On the subject of that felt soooo good … 42,100 people have now read my blog post “A funny thing happened when I talked about sex” … maybe I should talk about sex more …



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