Well that was sneaky

The secret is out … if you’ve been following me on social media you’ll have guessed already why this blog post is late … I’m in Western Australia!

When DD suggested going to Western Australia with him – he has a board meeting and fancy pants dinner party at a Chairman’s house – he was a bit worried by my lacklustre response.

He noted that while I SAID I was excited by the idea, my body language suggested the opposite.

Well, yes, because I’m beyond broke. There’s no way I could afford a trip across the continent.

Then he explained that it was a FREE trip because I was his plus one for the speccy dinner party thingy.

Well, that changed everything. The voice and body language suddenly dovetailed.

So, here we are. It’s been awesome. Well, apart from the fact that DD is crook with some flu/virus thing that makes him cough so hard he actually puked in the surf at one point. It was SO romantic.

It also made it tricky to get nice selfies to show off on social media because he couldn’t smile for long enough between coughing fits for me to get the perfect couple angle.

Poor DD. Poor me.

DD is a trooper though, so despite being ill he’s driven us up hill and down dale to Margaret River and back.

I’m going to write a nice travel story about it when I get back – it’s been beyond gorgeous and I feel very lucky.

But I’d better head off now, I’m doing a day’s work from Perth and then I need to scrub up for the schmancy dinner with the hoi polloi.

It’s bound to be another one of those Pretty Woman At The Polo occasions in my life where I LOOK normal in my Leona Edmonton-on-sale frock and heels, then I start telling some straight-laced Doctor about the triceratops position or the time I was a judge at Miss Nude Australia.

DD looked a bit nervous when I suggested that possible scenario in the car on our way to Perth yesterday …

5 thoughts on “Well that was sneaky

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  1. I hope DD feels back to normal pronto. Come on, you would be the life of the party if you retold your nude judge tale. Please write a post about it. It would have us all in stitches.

  2. Welcome to Perth! This is where I call home. We have cranked the heat down for you 🙂 DD is in good company, seems like a few of us are fighting that summer bug. My daughter was crook this weekend and I woke up feeling average. Hope you have a nice time.

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