Urgent beauty therapy needed

It sounds totally counter intuitive, but exhausted me drove 45 minutes to the Northern Beaches yesterday for a little beauty therapy.

Not the facial and manicure type, what I needed was the sea.

I hadn’t planned on making the trip, but the day was too gorgeous to resist.

It was beautiful at Avalon Beach and the water was glorious. I hardly squealed at all as I went for full immersion. DD even convinced me to duck under a few waves and catch a couple on his boogie board.

Then we grabbed takeaway burgers, had a quick shower and headed to The West Village pub in Petersham to catch up with two of my dearest old friends, Sam and Johnno, for a couple of cloudy ciders and a lovely natter.

The West Village is behind Petersham Station and used to be a grotty place called the White Cockatoo, but it’s all glamorous and cool now and serves sweet potato fries with labna and dukkah for afternoon snacks.

All too soon my friends had to head home to cook dinner for their kids, so DD and I swung past my local bottle shop so I could grab a bottle of wine with lots of medal stickers on it (DD loves a Shiraz and I have no idea about choosing them) and sipped a glass while making meatballs for our dinner as DD tapped away getting through his work emails.

DD even stayed at my place – a very rare occurrence – because he’s off to Japan today on a business trip – one of many looming in his immediate future.


But it was so good to feel the salt on my skin, give my friends a chance to get to know DD better (I haven’t been very good at sharing him) and relax.

Life has been feeling a bit too crazy lately.

Cheers to a more laid back week – well, for me, if not poor DD.

What does your week hold? I’m looking at lots of leftover meatballs, a walk with some friends tonight and getting my roots done.

Exciting, huh?



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