HouseGoesHollywood: Nigella’s slimy ex strikes again, Wills goes wild


Things that make you go ewwwwwww … Charles Saatchi has taken his new flame to the same restaurant as those infamous photos with ex-wife Nigella were snapped. In happier news, Prince Wills and Becks go wild together. Welcome to another weekend gossip round-up.

Dinner deja vu leaves bad taste in mouth


Charles Saatchi is dating What Not To Wear star Trinny Woodall just six weeks after his divorce from Nigella Lawson.

The couple have shared two dinners in the past week at Scott’s in the London suburb of Mayfair – the same restaurant where he tried to throttle Nigella three months ago.

The couple even sat on the same terrace as the scene of the infamous attack.


David and Wills go wild


Prince William retired from the Royal Air Force last week after participating in 156 search and rescue operations, helping rescue 149 people.

Air Chief Marshal Andrew Pulford said: “He has earned the respect of all who have worked with him as a highly professional and competent pilot.”

His new mission? Saving wildlife with David Beckham as part of a charity initiative called United For Wildlife.

The prince has made videos with David and basketball star Yao Ming to try and put a stop to demand for rhino horn and ivory. And he is hoping to use the Royal Foundation, which he set up with brother Harry and with which wife Kate became involved after their 2011 marriage, to foster cooperation among seven conservation organizations. The new partnership, United for Wildlife, is making a long-term commitment to tackle the global challenges to the world’s natural resources so they can be safeguarded for future generations.

William, who will be president of the collaboration, said in a statement: “The threats to our natural heritage are extensive, but I believe that this collaboration of the best minds in conservation will provide the impetus for a renewed commitment and action to protect endangered species and habitats for future generations.”

“At the root of the illegal wildlife trade, for example, is the demand for products that require the deaths of tens of thousands of these animals every year, pushing them further towards extinction. We must work together to prevent this catastrophe and allow our children the opportunity to experience wildlife in its many beautiful and varied forms.”

Alexander says he’ll beat Prince Harry


In another celeb/royal pairing we didn’t see coming … True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard is racing to the South Pole against Prince Harry in November to raise funds for the Walking with the Wounded charity.

Harry is the charity’s patron and the event features three teams of wounded soldiers from the United Kingdom. United States and Australia/Canada racing across the snow and ice of Antarctica for 16 days to raise funds for rehabilitation services for military veterans.

Alexander has joined the US team to raise the profile of the event. The pic above shows him in training with one of his teammates.

“I’m pretty stubborn and motivated and I don’t give up easily,” he told PEOPLE magazine. “I’m very focused and we’re not going to lose!”

Alexander and Harry haven’t met yet, but the Swedish-born actor says he’ll introduce himself at the finish life.

“I’m very excited to meet him. I’ll be with my U.S. teammates at the South Pole welcoming him,” he laughed. “I’ll be happy to see him when he arrives. We will be there first though!

“I’m going to give him a high five when I meet him. I hear he’s an amazing guy. I admire him for being involved with Walking with the Wounded for a couple of years and taking the time to help wounded soldiers. It’s going to be an honor to meet him.”

Lindsay’s mum arrested for drunk driving


Lindsay Lohan’s  mum, Dina Lohan, was arrested last Thursday for drink driving on Long Island, New York.

According to State Police she was driving a white BMW when she was pulled over around 11 pm while driving above the speed limit.  Dina was charged with DWI and aggravated DWI when a breath test revealed that her blood alcohol concentration was twice the legal limit, at .20%.

According to US Weekly: “Lohan was released after being taken in to the State Police in Farmingdale for processing, and an emergency personnel was later called in when the mother of two alleged that she was injured during the arrest. When no injures were found, she took back her claim.”

In sweeter Lohan news …


Lindsay Lohan posted a Throwback Thursday shot on Instagram the same day as her mum’s arrest, from a childhood modelling shoot with fellow child actress Kirsten Dunst!

The pair were modelling spring looks for a catalog.

Cute, huh?

Sara confesses: I realised I was gay while dating Johnny

If you don’t already love The Big Bang Theory‘s Johnny Galecki, this might change your mind: On Thursday’sThe Talk, co-host Sara Gilbert shared an emotional secret about when she realized she was gay — while she was dating Galecki. Only a very secure male would accept this news graciously, and not interpret it as a rejection. Luckily, Galecki was just that guy.

In the clip below, Gilbert, 38, made it clear that despite being openly gay for years, she still wrestles with how people perceive her. “I want people to know there can still be a struggle with it and that’s okay,” said Gilbert, who is engaged to singer/songwriter Linda Perry. “It’s a process and there can be a part of you that doesn’t want to feel different or feel scared.”

She becomes visibly emotional when recalling those first years when she realized she was different. In the early ’90s, when the teenaged Gilbert and Galecki were playing high school sweethearts Darlene and David on Roseanne, they also began dating off-camera. Here, she tells what happened:

Not only did Galecki accept Gilbert’s sexuality, but he honored her wish to keep this potentially juicy piece of gossip to himself. Even when she began secretly dating a “woman who was like 18 years older than I was, who was also in the public eye,” he didn’t say a word to their castmates.

Gilbert notes that she asked Galecki first, before telling the Talk audience that she cried after making out with him. He gave her his blessing, and even offered to come on the show and hold her hand while she relayed what happened. “It was so sweet,” she said, “and this story really makes Johnny look good.”  In fact, it almost makes you like Big Bang Theory‘s nerdy, well-meaning Leonard even more, now that you know the guy playing him is so open–minded and mature!

Stallone & De Niro’s grudge match


Veteran actors Sylvester Stallone, 67, and Robert De Niro, 70, have pulled on the gloves to trade blows in forthcoming film Grudge Match.
The pair play two aging fighters returning to the ring 30 years after their last meeting for one last bout.

Demi dating her toyboy boyfriend’s dad


OK, this one’s a little tricky, so bear with me.

Demi Moore is dating Hard Rock Cafe founder Peter Morton, 66, after meeting him while in a relationship with his son, Harry, 31.

During Demi and Harry’s six month relationship, she became good friends with Peter and now romance has blossomed.

According to E! the couple are very “into one another” and have been seeing each other three times a week. Demi apparently thinks Peter “is very charismatic and she loves that about him, he’s a go-getter”.

Meanwhile, Peter is “learning from her spirituality”.

Mariah’s bling sling


Mariah Carey’s dislocated shoulder isn’t slowing her down.

The singer has attended her friend Nas’ 40th birthday party in black mini-dress with sparkly purple arm sling, and described her outfit in an Instagram shot as “slinging it up” in the city.

The rapper held his birthday bash at Avenue Nightclub in New York.

Mariah dislocated her shoulder while filming a video in July. Similar injuries generally average three to 12 weeks for recovery.

Perplexing new trend alert: blue lips

Rihanna Blue Lipstick

Celebs are going for the hypothermia look by sporting blue lips. Earlier this week, Rihanna caused a stir in London for the launch of her latest River Island fashion collect when she rocked matte blue lips. This is not an everyday look, but is anything the girl does?

The chilly hue has also been spotted on Lady Gaga, Solange Knowles and Selena Gomez.


Unfortunately, blue lipstick will always remind us of the way our lips look when we’ve been out in the cold for too long, or that Friends episode when Joey has to model a shade of lipstick not dissimilar to Rihanna’s for a Japanese TV ad…


Beauty companies including MAC are offering blue shades in their lipstick arsenal but does this mean we really have to get on board? We’re all for trying out new looks but this is one that we think belongs solely on the runways or on our crazy aunt Jackie. Sorry Ri.

Holy madness! Bieber as Robin?


Justin Bieber posted a photo of the script for Batman vs Superman to his Instagram account on Friday night with the hashtag #Robin.

And the world went WTF? (We hate to think what the petitioners who called for Ben Affleck to be sacked from the movie would have to say about Biebs as his sidekick!)

Fingers are tightly crossed that the pop singer was hoaxing his followers, as a few hours earlier he tweeted: “Off to do something funny or…die :)”

Funny or Die is a comedy video website founded by Will Ferrell.

If the script is genuine, Justin must be beside himself. He’s a huge Batman fan and recently receiving a customised Bat bike as his 19th birthday present from his dad.

Is this the way Breaking Bad will end?


Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has teased on Instagram that the TV series will wrap with a Skyler-Walt-Jesse threesome.

The actor has been busy building social media hype around his hit show recently, so I’m pretty sure this latest photo is just a brilliant gag.

Dinner deja vu leaves bad taste in mouth
Charles Saatchi is dating What Not To Wear star Trinny Woodall just six weeks after his divorce from Nigella Lawson.

The couple have shared two dinners in the past week at Scott’s in the London suburb of Mayfair  – the same restaurant where he tried to throttle Nigella three months ago.

The couple even sat on the same terrace as the scene of the infamous attack.


Miley unfollows Liam

In that modern via-social-media way that couples relate these days, speculation is rife that Miley Cyrus and fiance Liam Hemsworth really ARE over after she unfollowed him on Twitter on Saturday.
The couple met on the set of her 2010 movie <em>The Last Song</em>, got engaged in May 2012, but decided earlier this year to postpone their wedding.
It was recently reported that Chris felt humiliated by Miley’s twerking performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Chris continues to follow Cyrus on Twitter and so far there’s no explanation for her actions.

Scott’s toilet humour


In a move that will endear him to no-one, Kourtney Kardashian’s partner Scott Disick has posted  a picture of a toilet roll of cash on Instagram.

It was part of a whole series of snapshots he posted that flashed his wealth, other pics included his arm covered in Rolex watches, piles of diamond-encrusted jewellery and a wad of cash that he held to his ear like a mobile phone.


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  1. Trinny Woodhall obviously won’t be writing the book “Who not to date and where not to go”! And had to do a double-take at Demi’s dad-date – thought for a minute he and Charles Saatchi were the same person! Demi and Harry Morton’s dad being together sounds like a Desperate Housewives plot! Still, maybe she’ll have more luck with the older ones. Love your gossip round-ups.

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