Toilets with benefits

On balance, Waikele Outlet Mall isn’t totally awesome. If I had my druthers, I’d be transported via Tardis to the outlet mall in New Jersey. It had a much better Barneys (Penguin Original for women rocks); and a fabulous Lucky Brand outlet (yes, yes, I know 75% of the stuff there is naff, but 25% fills me with joy). Waikele, however, is much closer than New Jersey and I fared pretty well under the circumstances. At Saks I got a long-sleeved top in my favourite shade of blue, an English Laundry shirt for Husband and a pair of skinny stretch jeans for Sprog 1 for $80. At Gap I got a white t-shirt, a black t-shirt, an orange long-sleeved top, black gym pants, a grey gym top, a blue and white striped suity jacket, a navy cardigan and a beige skirt, all for $100 (the beige skirt was $6.97 … $6.97!). I didn’t discover Gap until 20 minutes before the tour bus was leaving so it was a bit frenzied, with no time to try things on. I was kinda wishing for a supermarket trolley like some people had, there was so much stuff I wanted. Sprog 2 was pretty stoked with her outlet mall purchases too, a denim all-in-one, leopard-print pyjamas and Sketchers that twirl (they have a plastic spinning circle on the bottom for ballerina moves, like crack for a six-year-old). Nonna, Pop, Sister and Nephew flew out early this morning. So we celebrated Nonna’s 69th (aka the prelude to the 70th year) with teppanyaki at Benihana last night. Theatrical, yummy food, delicious staff photographer, fab diablo noodles, melt-in-the-mouth filet mignon, but my favourite part of the night was the toilets. Heated seats and control panels offering rear wash (soft or regular strength), front wash (ocillating or pulsating) and a dryer. I only availed myself of the warm seat, the rest weirded me out too much.

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