I just don’t get it

March 5, 2014




I’ve been belatedly catching up on the latest series of Rake and I find myself gazing at Cleaver Greene and thinking: I’d go there.

I mean, hello? He’s an alcoholic loser. What’s THAT weird crush all about?

The line that had me swooning during the latest episode was when a young chickie-babe came onto him in a bar and he wistfully asked: “I don’t suppose you brought your mum along.”

And I thought – that’s not really what you expect to hear a 50-year-old bachelor say … mind you, it’s what they bloody well should be saying, instead of chasing twenty-year-old tail like so often happens.

Still, that can’t just be it. I think it has to be his brain. Well, what’s left of it after all those drugs. I’m definitely a brains girl. Not a worthy, earnest brains girl. I like my smarts delivered with wit and humour.

Mind  you, Richard Roxborough is in pretty good nick for a 50-year-old. Actually, as I’ve previously mentioned in a blog called 50-Year-Old Men Are Really Hot:  “50-year-old men don’t look like 50-year-old men any more. Remember being twentysomething and thinking 50-year-olds looked like grandpas? You wouldn’t have shagged one in a pink fit.”

Yep, 50-year-old men are definitely my speed these days.

So I think I quite fancy a Richard Roxborough/Cleaver Greene type … without the alcoholic loser bit …

Know anyone who fits the description?


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My name's Alana House and I went home after 20 years in the same workplace. But life never goes according to plan ... my marriage broke up ... so now I'm juggling single motherhood with a part-time job and two puppies. Life's never dull ...

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One Comment on “I just don’t get it”

  1. Susie Says:

    I could probably come up with a few alcoholic losers who don’t look like Richard R. Actually, I interviewed him as a hot young thing to watch way back in the early days and he is significantly hotter now.


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